Specifit is customized and convenient wellness services 


Referral Information 

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Within the first two months I was able to lose 18 Pounds.” 

“It's because of Alex and Stefanie that I've been able to lose weight, gain muscle and improve my overall cardiovascular/strength endurance.” 

-Andrew P.

-Tori R.

“Before, I almost didn't trust myself around certain foods.  Now when I eat, I eat because I know what (and how much) makes me feel good physically and mentally.” 

“Alex was very supportive sharing meal plans, ideas for keto snacks, and also giving me an idea of how my body was going to feel adjusting to this new lifestyle.” 

-Becca P.

-Stew G.


Online Packages 


Monthly Coaching

  • Monthly access to the TrueCoach app

  • 24/7 communication with your coach

  • Established goals and specific workouts

  • Strength results guaranteed 

  • My Fitness Pal food diary assessment





Free online accountability kick starters

  1. The week long SpeciFit challenge 

  2. The one week accountability/specificity program

In-Person Personal Training

Movement screening, goal setting, and creating a wellness plan to determine how we can help you.

Initial Consultation


Our place or yours?Frequency, schedule, and location is at client's discretion. 

60 Minute Session


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Owner/Personal Trainer

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