Jordan was in an accident that left him with a tibial plateau fracture.  Tibial plateau fractures are serious injuries, usually associated with soft-tissue complications.

Jordan had surgery and screws were inputted into the tibia.

For a long portion of 2018 he was in pain and was developing some lower crossed syndrome.  He reached out to me because of a post we did, on lower crossed syndrome, where he recognized he had all the symptoms.  We communicated and were able to give him a corrective exercise program that targeted the issue.  

New year rolled around (2019) and I hadn't heard from Jordan in a while.  I checked in on him and he reported that he was still doing the exercises and was feeling better but not 100% yet.  Fast forward to today, June 26th, Jordan has reported he is pain free in his low back (one of the symptoms of lower cross syndrome) for the first time in eight months!  

SpeciFit is extremely happy we could help Jordan and we will continue to be in touch with him to progress his strength training program in the future.  Great Job Jordan!